Basood Remembers

As the sun went down over Lula Island a ship came into the docks, it was full of exotic cargo. This was the first Island they had stopped at for some time. They needed to trade for essential items such as flour, milk, vegetables and clean water.

All the crew ventured into the village as they needed to give their sea legs a rest. One of the crew was called Basood. She was the healer on board. She needed medical supplies and so asked around for the local doctor. She was sent in the direction of the clinic. When she arrived the clinic was all closed down until the morning. So Basood joined the rest of the crew in the free house where they ate food and drank some good rum. They spoke with the locals and opened opportunities to trade the next day.

Once the trade was sorted they partied and drank a lot of rum until they could hardly walk back to the ship. Some just fell asleep in the free house, others just rented a room in the inn. Basood made her way back to the ship.

While she was walking there was a familiar smell in the air. It reminded her of her sister, who she’d not seen for years. She longed to see her again. Her head was full of memories of her and her sister playing and getting up to mischief. They both enjoyed mixing potions and lotions and experimenting with herbs and minerals. They would go out collecting and documenting all the different herbs, minerals and fungi. She remembered when they almost died after ingesting some mushrooms once.

If it hadn’t been for their father’s quick thinking they both would have died that day.

Basood laughed as she continued to walk back to the ship. She sang a little song that reminded her of her sister. She wondered where she could be. Back on board the ship she rummaged through her things and found a necklace that had a pendant on it. It was of a stone she’d found with her sister and it broke in half. Her sister wore the other half. She placed the necklace around her neck and holding the stone in her fingers she wished that she would see her sister again soon. Falling asleep she had lovely dreams of when they were young and free.

Before she knew it, the sun was shining through her cabin window. She didn’t want to wake up as her dream was too lovely. Yet duty called and she needed to get those medical supplies before they left the island later that day

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Music both of us by madirfan from Pixabay

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