Baby bubble, toil and trouble

Back on the Lula Island the Queen was exhausted, it had been many years since she had cared for a baby. Every one was helping but little Faith wanted them all to know she was here. Every two hours she was hungry. Then she’d be sick and need feeding again. Washing was hung everywhere, they could not dry it fast enough. It didn’t help the fact that it was late autumn so the washing could not be hung out to dry.

The Queen was struggling to produce enough milk to feed Faith as she was so tired. Nancy suggested going over to the main Island to find a nursing mother who could help. The Queen agreed. When Nancy arrived on the Island she asked around and was sent in the direction of a young woman who had lost her child at birth.

Nancy went to see her and explained everything and that the Queen would pay her for her time and milk. The young mother thought about it then agreed. She said “my milk will feed a baby even if it’s not mine.” She then packed a bag and she returned to the the small Island with Nancy. She would remain there for as long as was needed.

When they arrived at the house the Queen put Faith straight to the young woman’s breast. She was very hungry and latched on straight away. She asked Nancy if she would supervise the feeds as she really needed some well deserved rest. Nancy agreed.

With that the Queen went to bed. After sleeping for hours and hours she woke up feeling even worse than before. She went to check on Faith. The house was peaceful. Faith must have been full as she was sleeping soundly everyone was taking full advantage and sleeping themselves.

The Queen sneaked down stairs to have a drink then on they way back she heard Faith cry. Before she could get to her the young mother was up and attending to her. The Queen smiled with relief and fell into her bed. While she lay there she could hear her singing a beautiful lullaby, Nancy had chosen well, this woman was a natural mother. The Queen rested her eyes knowing her daughter was in safe hands.

The next morning every one had a lay in bed. It was as if the whole house had breathed a great big sigh of relief.

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Music: Fairy of the forest by Alexander Nakarada (
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