Arriving at Lula Island

It was a very cold morning. Maye was awake very early she was so excited. Today she was going to see her mother again. She went up on deck before the others woke up – she wanted to connect with her mother’s mind and let her know that today they would be arriving at the docks.

Queen Parucha was woken to Maye’s voice, ” Mother, it’s me, Maye, Are you awake? Today we’ll be coming into port at Lula Island. Please meet me down by the docks – the ship is called the Faithful.

“Yes Maye, I’ll be there!” She shouted. This woke up Gracie. ” Be where your Majesty?” The Queen looked at her and said in a happy tone “down by the docks. Maye is arriving today. ”

“How do you know that?” Gracie asked. “I’m not sure I just know that she’s arriving today!” With that, they were both up and dressed. Downstairs Lord and lady Viscum were already up. “Oh good morning, you are up very early!” – “yes said the Queen, I’m going to be down by the docks today, I have a good feeling Maye will arrive today”

Lord and Lady Viscum looked at her. “How do you know that?” they asked. “Well it’s kinda like this, I think Maye is communicating with me somehow and she’s said that they will come into port today on a ship called Faithful. So that’s where I’ll be until it docks.

Please can you make up 2 beds one for Maye and the other for Nunnani?” Again they looked at her and said “OK!” Really they were thinking she was losing her mind. But never said such a thing as she was the Queen and they didn’t want to offend or upset her.

Gracie then asked “Can I please go with the Queen and meet Maye and Nunnani at the docks, please, please. It’s been ages since I went over to the main Island. we could buy some essentials while we wait?” – “OK, we suppose you can accompany the Queen, yet you must be back over here before the tired comes in at 16:00 hours” – With that Gracie and the Queen ate breakfast.

After eating they put on their overcoats, hats and gloves as it was a very cold and frosty morning.

Back on the faithful, by now Nunnani, Vio and Dr Multan were all awake. Maye was very excited. She was jumping around. “I’m going to see the Captain ask how long it will be before we reach the Lula Island.” Then off she ran.

The captain was doing a ship inspection when Maye found him. ” Good morning young lady, I can see you are very excited about our destination today” – Yes I can’t wait to see my mother. Can you tell me how long it will be before we dock at the Island? “well let me see, from our current heading and lack of wind just now I would say at least four hours from now. If the wind picks up maybe three. ” Thank you,” Maye shouted as she ran back to the cabin. It was going to be a long four hours.

Maye was up on deck and running around constantly checking in with the Captain. When one of his crew shouted from the crow’s nest ” Land a-hoy” the captain Looked in Mayes direction. He could see she was jumping up and down. “Not long now little Maye,” he said. Maye was trying very hard to make a connection with her mother, but she just could not focus her mind.

The Queen was looking out to sea, “Where are you my little Maye?” The Queen’s presence on the docks was causing lots of commotion. Many of the islanders were fussing around her asking her questions about how she was feeling and what her plans were. They were just after some juicy gossip and wondering why she was hanging around the docks.

She looked out to sea and could see a ship on the horizon. In her mind, she just knew that Maye was on that ship. “Come,” said Gracie let’s go get our essentials. Hopefully, by the time we’ve done that and eaten food, the ship will be closer. It is very cold! The Queen smiled and agreed she was also feeling the cold too.

By the docks and going up into the village there were lots of market stalls. The Queen and Gracie had a list of items they needed. The time was now 12:00 hundred hours.

Four hours until the tide would be coming in. After eating and warming up by the pub fire. They returned to the docks, the ship was just about docking. The Queen was feeling anxious hoping she wasn’t wrong. Then she heard Mayes Voice shouting “Mother, Mother I’m here. We made it.” The Queen was so excited she burst into tears! Shouting “I’m here Maye!

The ship seemed to take far too long to dock. Once the anchor was dropped the boarding plank was put down. The Queen ran as fast as she could and so did Maye. “Mother!” she shouted The queen scooped her up into her arms and they just stood there cuddling for the longest time.

Nunnani, Dr Multan and vio all came off the ship. The queen introduced Gracie to them. The captain introduced himself as Shaloor the gentleman He then praised the Queen for raising a fine young lady. He explained what had happened and how she’d saved his ship. He told her that if ever they needed anything goods or passage. He’d be in port every 4 weeks.

The queen thanked him for bringing her daughter safely to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter. “Maye,” she said “you have grown so much. We do have to get going now. sorry to rush but the tide will be in soon and cut us off from where we are staying. With that, they all said their goodbyes and set off for home

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