Achievements and a purpose

First mates uniform

Bruandi had just bathed when the King knocked on the door and then walked in. “Well, my old friend I am glad to see you – tell me all about what you’ve been up to and how you came to be on this ship.”

“Well your majesty after your father died and you returned to shore to fill your destiny becoming the King, I didn’t really get along with the new captain,” said Bruandi. “He didn’t run a tight ship like you and there was chaos onboard and then mutiny” he sadly said. “I didn’t agree with the crew so they left me on a small island where I learned to survive and caught the attention of a merchant’s vessel passing by and they brought me home to Gistlidia”

“As I’d been away for several years and my wife thinking I was dead she found love with another man, so when I returned it was very difficult for me to see her so happy with him so I left. I was heartbroken and turned to the drink. I lost all my money and became homeless. Then while I was sleeping down by the docks I heard that the King was setting out on a whaling voyage. I just had to come on board. “

“I’m so sorry Sir, I mean your Majesty… but I hid in a barrel of potatoes and the rest – well you know that. I feel so ashamed of the way my life has gone,” said Bruandi.

“Nonsense,” said the King, ” There’s no need to feel ashamed, God has brought you back to me after all these years, it’s fate my dear friend and I have just the job for you. I feel so happy that you’re here. I’ve just given my son Salhuta the job of learning to be the first mate and I can’t think of any better person than you to show him the ropes”

“Also you’ll be doing me a great favour as I don’t trust the Captain’s, first mate. He’s, well… there’s something not right with him, I can’t quite put my finger on it. You’ll know when you meet him.” said the King. “I’ll send instructions for a uniform to be sent to you and then come and meet my son. He’s going to be your shadow.”

Bruandi was overwhelmed with joy at how the King had welcomed him. ” Thank you, Your Majesty, I won’t let you down.” The King replies ” Bruandi, my fine man you never have let me down yet. I’m just very surprised you never came to me before. Never mind you’re here now.”

The king pours two glasses of rum, “here to us Bruandi” they chink their glasses together and with that, the King went back on deck. A few moments later there was a knock at the door it was one of the Kings servants with a fine first mates uniform. Bruandi dressed quickly, it felt so good to be back in uniform. He felt he had a purpose in life again.

Scrubbing the decks

Back on deck, the Prince was called to his father. He’d been scrubbing the decks with the other shipmates all morning and just about finished. “Salhuta I want you to meet a very good friend of mine he was my first mate, he’s going to teach you everything you need to know. “

Captain Bell, I hope you don’t mind I’ve replaced your first mate with my new first mate Bruandi, he’s very experienced and served with me for years.”

Winner Winner it’s Chicken Dinner

The captain taken back a little by the Kings command couldn’t really refuse as he was the King., so he commanded his first mate to stand down. Bruandi and Salhuta set to work immediately, they had an instant connection to each other. Salhuta listened to every word and wanted to learn from his father’s first mate.

That night as the King and his family all sat together for dinner, Bruandi joined them and there was a different feeling around the table. It was a good atmosphere.

Maye helped serve the meal she’d worked so hard to prepare for everyone. Salhuta was full of excitement he couldn’t wait to tell his father all he’d learnt that day.

The King smiled at his wife and they ate and drank. By the end of the night both children were fast asleep. The King, kissed them on the cheeks and whispered I’m proud of you, you’ve both worked hard today. They were then carried off to their bunks to sleep.

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