A great time of mourning

Rerhud and his army arrived in the port of Gislidia. All the Gistlidians wonder why such an army has arrived while the King and Queen are at sea. Rerhud rides as fast as he can up to the castle. He’s greeted by palace guards.

Handing over his weapons and giving the guards the order from Queen Astra, he commands that all the captains, generals and senior advisers meet with him in the great hall. The guard hands back the order from Queen Astra and opened the gate. Rerhud and his men enter the palace. He immediately goes to the hall to prepare for the meeting. The palace servants prepare food and drink for all who will attend. Not yet knowing the news that awaits them.

As the captains and generals are called none of them are too happy about being summoned by the Queen’s Nephew. “Just who does he think he is – summoning us like cattle?” – “I say old chap; what’s this all this about?” – They asked each other as they walked to the great hall.

Rerhud was waiting for them in the King’s chair. “I say, what are you doing in the King’s chair? – Get out and know your place, you disrespectful young lout!” Shouted some of the generals. Rerhud reassures them he’s not being disrespectful. “If you will all sit down I will explain why I am here.”

The hall fell silent. Rerhud handed around the order and news from Queen Astra. One by one they were saddened by what had happened to King and Queen Parucha. “When did you find this out? Who told you? How do we know this is true?” – Questions came thick and fast. “Gentlemen; please I will answer all your questions just let me explain,” said Rerhud.

He then went on to tell them all about the plotters who had been found adrift in a small rowing boat. Stating “That it was, in fact, them who had said the shalapoon had sunk with no survivors”. He then added “That Queen Astra had sent him to take over as ruler until her search parties had confirmed whether or not anyone had survived. He was to stay in power until she ordered him to stand down.

There was great unrest in the hall. “We want to send out our search ships and crew. We want to look for our King and Queen.” said one of the generals. “I was relying on you saying that! The more ships out there looking the faster we’ll find them,” said Rerhud.

“So you don’t know for certain that they’re dead?” someone proclaimed. ” No,” said Rerhud. “Queen Astra didn’t believe the plotters, she said their story didn’t add up! The Shalapoon was a strong ship and it wouldn’t have sunk that fast. Some had to have survived.”

He paused and then said, “So what’s our plan going to be?” With just that one small statement he had them all with him. They knew he wasn’t going to force his command he was working with them to help find the shipwrecked King and Queen.

With that they were united and plans were put in place. Rerhud would lead the Island with his army and the King and Queen’s guards would go out with the fishing boats in search of them. The Royal Flag was put to half-mast and the town criers were sent out with the news. Anyone who had any information or who had heard about any survivors were to come forward.

Down by the docks the ships prepared to leave. The streets were lined with all those volunteering to help. There were men, women and children. Young and old. The King and Queen would have been proud to see an overwhelming response.

Those who had specialist skills were chosen as the first team to lead and board the main search vessel. Radallhoo the great warrior, Mala the minstrel, Woozle the fire starter and Taleem the puzzler

The boats were stocked with extra food, drinks, blankets and clothes for the survivor’s return journey

The search begins

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Music: Tam Lin | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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