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The story so far . . . .

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Queen Astra Arrives

Rerhud receives news that Queen Astra is arriving at Gistlidia later in the day. He makes arrangements for her to be transported straight to the castle. As the Gistlidians were becoming very unsettled and there had been many occasions when Vigilante groups tried to overthrow him as a governing body. They wanted to take over…

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Bart Mews Holo Island

The Island of death! Salhuta woke up with this feeling of intense fear. He knew in his gut there was something wrong. He ran to wake up his father but the King wasn’t in his bed. Salhuta shouted “father where are you?” The ship was unusually quiet the air was damp and smelt of burnt…

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Maye makes contact

After all the excitement of finding out that the Queen is carrying the King’s child, Maye was feeling very low. She was missing her brother and father very much. She wasn’t eating and the Queen was concerned for her daughter. “Maye my dear, shall we go for a walk and a picnic today? I feel…

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Captain Salhuta

The very next day, Shallolah called for Salhuta, she had heard nothing but good reports and praise for the way he’d taken command of her ship the day before. She wanted to reward him and give him a regular shift where he was in charge. “Salhuta my fine young man, I’ve heard you did a…

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King Parucha’s Dream

The king was drinking more than usual and the captain had noticed. She approached the King and invited him for tea and food that afternoon. The King agreed and said he had something he needed to share with her. Something had been troubling him and he wasn’t sleeping too well. The Captain arranged for special…

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Basood went upon the deck. Although the sun had been shining the sea fret was coming in and it was very dense. You could hardly see in front of your face. Basood went to see the captain and explained that she was leaving the ship to collect medical supplies. He informed her they would be…

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Music: parting glass | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

See the opening story or the full story here

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