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The story so far . . . .

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Near and Far

Maye was downstairs with her mother, it was getting late and everyone was sitting by the fire singing and telling stories. The Queen was heavily pregnant and only had about a month to go. Maye was tired and so she kissed her mother and went up to bed. It didn’t take her long to fall…

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The Highwayman

The coach-way along the coast was not only high above the cliff tops but dangerous. Not only was it very windy , it contained many vagabonds and strays plus a certain Highway man. Yes that’s me!! My name is Swift Nick. I once was a sailor. I have robbed many in my time. Stand and…

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Shaloor sets sail

A week had passed and no more warriors came to the Island seeking revenge. Shaloor decided that it was time for him to set out on a trading journey once again. Winter was fast approaching and he wanted to collect the Island’s winter supplies. Four weeks he told his wife as he started to pack…

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Sneaky Fools

It was a very cold night, the moon was bright in the sky. It had a frosty glow all around it meaning there would be a frost. Everyone on Eagle Island had settled for the night. Down by the dock two ships quietly docked. They were full of warriors seeking to avenge the gang who…

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Rerhud’s Lesson

Early the next Morning Queen Astra is awake. The sun is only just rising. She has her breakfast then she waits for the Gistlidians to arrive and start work. As she walks towards the main gate she can’t see anyone. At that moment she second-guesses herself thinking she’d made the wrong decision in releasing them.…

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Queen Astra Arrives

Rerhud receives news that Queen Astra is arriving at Gistlidia later in the day. He makes arrangements for her to be transported straight to the castle. As the Gistlidians were becoming very unsettled and there had been many occasions when Vigilante groups tried to overthrow him as a governing body. They wanted to take over…

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Music: parting glass | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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