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The Return of the King

Arriving home – The return of the King For the last week Queen Astra had been receiving news that King and Queen Parucha have been spotted on their way towards Gistlidia. The Queen was feeling excited but didn’t want to build her hopes just in case the news was false. She’d spoken with Rerhud and…

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Homeward bound

The helm of Faith It was early Christmas morning and the King and Queen wanted to surprise the children with the news that they we’re setting off for home. The morning was cold and frosty so the King had got up earlier. He was making a nice fire and cooking some of the hog roast…

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Falling in love with Faith

Falling in love with Faith (Gistlidia VIP Token) After all the celebrations were over. The reality of still being hundreds of miles away from Gistlidia is on the Kings mind. He can’t sleep thinking of how he’ll raise enough funds to acquire a ship to take his family home. He really wanted to be home…

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Reunited at last

King and Queen Parucha reunited Since Maye had made contact with her father and brother she was out watching from sunrise to sunset for the ship they were on. Nancy had been over to the main Island and informed Tavern owners that the King was to be arriving in the next few days and the…

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Maye receives exciting news

fishing pool Maye wakes early, it’s a Saturday and she wants to surprise her mother, Nancy and the Nanny with breakfast. She wraps up warm and grabs the fishing rod. Earlier on in the week found a small cave with the most amazing fishing pool on the far side of the Island. Leaving a little…

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Music: parting glass | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
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